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We are a licensed and insured electrician in Chippenham that provides comprehensive commercial electrician services. We provide quick and effective electric repairs and installation. We follow all the safety guidelines when it comes to electric services.

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We can obtain necessary permits when needed and if needed. As a commercial business your main priority is proper working of all electric equipment. Weather is the computers, lights, security system and more. The smooth working of a business is dependent on electricity. That is why it is important to choose your electrician wisely.

We, as one of the best known electricians in Chippenham, have helped hundreds of businesses and have permanent commercial customers who will come to us for any of their electric needs. We are reliable and trustworthy when it comes to electric repairs and installation. We help commercial buildings to comply with building codes that deal with electricity. Whether you need a simple service such as changing the lights to completely rewiring parts of the building, we are always prompt. Our company is counted among the most versatile electricians. Electrician Chippenham provide almost all electric services for commercial properties, no matter how small or big. We make sure to get the job done on time. We will come to aid with a single call. Whether it is a shop, corporate office, hotel, or an industry, we will help with the electrical services.

Our Services

Electric refurbishment – We provide complete electric refurbishment services. If you have old and damaged wires, we can do complete rewiring, or part rewiring as needed. We can change the cables if needed. If you need upgrades from the electricity distribution board, we can help with that. We can install devices and cables, optical wires, and more for data network improvement. If you need a lighting upgrade, let us know. We will check the fire safety and do upgrades in that. We will increase the overall energy efficiency of your property by providing proper inspection and needed servicing.

Surge protection – Electric surges are cause of concern for any commercial business. It is a major reason for fires. Surges can heat up wires, causing sparks, and lead to fires. To avoid this we install surge protection services. This is done by installing appropriate surge protection devices where needed. Surge Protective Devices (SPD) are used to protect the electrical installation, which includes the consumer unit, wiring, and accessories, from transient overvoltages (electrical power surges).

Lighting – Proper lighting is one of the most important parts of a commercial property. We install indoor and outdoor lighting for industrial, or manufacturing units, such as offices, stores, institutions, hospitals, and government buildings. The most important function in commercial buildings is to complete a task or activity. To ensure that people working in the space are comfortable and that the lux level requirements and energy efficiency standards are appropriate, a lighting design company should create designs that reflect the type of activity performed in the building. We can help to improve the visibility and safety of your commercial property with proper lighting.

Data and communication cabling – Most commercial places such as hotels, schools, corporate offices, government buildings need uninterrupted data, and clear communication lines. We can replace old cabling that is slowing down your data speed. We install data and communication cables for a new commercial building and ensure it is done right.

Electric repairs – When you need electric repairs quickly, give us a call. We can repair any electric equipment in your property. To ensure safety and success, have the most up-to-date information, tools, and technology. Are knowledgeable about the specialized electrical needs of your business or industry, from retail to restaurants, institutional and industrial facilities, and beyond.

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    “Amazing service, these guys are great! The tech was honest and most of all got the job done. They answered my questions too and offered advice on how to maintain my electricity. An overall outstanding crew to work with.”

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     – Dann T.

    “These guys are super helpful! Fixed our issues and a few repairs we didn’t even know we needed. Thank you Electrician Chippenham!”

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     – Alex P.

    “We’ve used Electrician Chippenham three times now and they’ve always been very professional and courteous. This last time they came out to replace the breaker panel in our home and it was obvious how knowledgeable they really are. Also, they want to help and aren’t there to rip anyone off.”

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    – Luke R.