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Looking for reliable electricians in Chippenham? You have come to the right place. We provide complete electrician services for you. We provide electrician services for commercial, industrial and residential properties in Chippenham. From the smallest of electricians services such as installing an outlet to complete rewiring of your property, we do it all. Our employees are trained and experienced in their specific field. We work with some of the most skilled electricians who operate safely and ensure reliable electric services for you. No matter the kind of electric services you need, we are the people you can rely on. No work is too big or too small for us. We provide electrical services in domestic, commercial, & industrial environments, in addition to completing Part P residential electrical installation tasks in accordance with building code requirements. Our expertise includes installation (periodic, insurance, emergency lighting and fire alarms) rewires, installations, panel upgrades, electrical maintenance, electrical repair and troubleshootingappliance circuits systems, fire systems & computer networking as part of a wide range of electrical services. Over 10 years in the trade and serving Chippenham, WiltshireWe are a friendly, professional electrical company with honesty and reliability as our core values.

You Can Rely On Top Chippenham Electricians!

Electrician Chippenham contractors are competent and have helped people with electrician services for ages now. We understand the need to have proper working electrical equipment, wiring, lights, switches and appliances. That is why we send the best people for the services. Give us a call today for electricians in Chippenham. If you are building a new home or commercial structure, we can help finish the electrical components of your property. You can just let anyone handle the electric services of your property. You need someone experienced and knowledgeable and we are that people for you. Let us know when you need electrician services in Chippenham.

If you need emergency electric services we will dispatch a team as soon as possible. Any emergency related to electricity could be hazardous, it could cause fires and ruin your appliances. If you smell burning wires or have a blackout, call our team immediately.

If you need to install new switches or want to replace old ones, we can help. We have high quality, fireproof, and non-conductive electric switches that are durable. Our team can install switches anywhere in your house or business building that you need.

If you need kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor lighting done, we are the people for you.We can guide you in the way of energy saving lighting options. We have been installing lights for commercial and residential properties for more than 30 years now. Lights in your property are essential for security and aesthetic appeal. We have some of the best electricians who could install any kind light you want for your property.

Top Rated LED Light Installation In Chippenham

We work with trained and certified electricians who have years of experience. No matter what kind of electrical services you are looking for, our electricians can do it. Trying to do electrical work on your own can be extremely dangerous. You could seriously injure yourself trying to fix electrical appliances or wires. Our electricians will have the needed knowledge and the tools to take care of all kinds of electrical issues. Our electricians work is to the highest standard and is guaranteed for a year and is tested using the latest equipment and certified. Our electricians keep the workplace (your home or office) clean and tidy, and are also well mannered.

We provide clients with one point of contact who oversees the project from beginning to end. We can provide electrical expertise as needed and complete projects on time, within budget, and with the least amount of disruption to your business. We train all of our engineers to the highest standards and provide them with the most relevant qualifications. Our engineers are also thoroughly screened for security and are familiar with all health and safety regulations.


    Domestic Electric Services

    We can install new lights, replace old lighting fixtures, and change the overall external and internal lighting of your home.

    We can install new wiring where needed in your home. If you need wire replacement to increase the load capacity of the wires for your home’s electric needs, we can help with that.

    We repair all kinds of electric devices in your house such as fans, television, kitchen equipment, etc.

    If you need outlet installation in a new location in your house, our electricians can help. We install safe electric points to operate various devices depending on your need.

    We handle all kinds of electric components of your hot water system. If you are not receiving hot water and there are issues with the wiring or fuse, let us know immediately.

    We will install all the outlets and wiring for the home office. Whether it is for office equipment or electronic equipment or maybe for the internet, we do it all.

    Power is needed to operate indoor residential spas and pools. If you need wiring for spa and pool power, we are the people for you.

    Commercial Electric Services

    If you need outlet installation, wiring, installation of electric or electronic devices in your office or shop, we can help. Whether you are moving into a new building or extending in the existing space, you need electric refurbishment that we can help you with.

    Using high powered devices all together could cayse electrical surges. These fluctuations in electricity could cause high heating in the wires and subsequent fires. Installing appropriate methods for surge protection could help. Let us know when you need surge protection services for your commercial property.

    We do commercial light that includes indoor lighting, security lighting as well as emergency lighting that can work without electricity as well. We know where and how to install the various lights.

    Data and communication cabling is important for commercial settings. If you want your business to operate smoothly without running into internet faloures every other day solid data cabling is necessary. We have experience in installing data and communication cabling for you.

    If your commercial property needs any kind of electric repair, we are the people you can trust. We can rewire, repair electrical devices and more.

    We provide all kinds of industrial electric services. We can do lighting, solar panel installation and maintenance, installing generators, wiring services, electric surge control, electric panel inspection and more.

    Need electrician now? Call Electrician Chippenham 24 hours a day at 07888-869-821 to request immediate service! If not available by phone, please send an email.




    “Amazing service, these guys are great! The tech was honest and most of all got the job done. They answered my questions too and offered advice on how to maintain my electricity. An overall outstanding crew to work with.”

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     – Dann T.

    “These guys are super helpful! Fixed our issues and a few repairs we didn’t even know we needed. Thank you Electrician Chippenham!”

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     – Alex P.

    “We’ve used Electrician Chippenham three times now and they’ve always been very professional and courteous. This last time they came out to replace the breaker panel in our home and it was obvious how knowledgeable they really are. Also, they want to help and aren’t there to rip anyone off.”

    Review Star

    – Luke R.

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    We are locally operated electricians who will come to your aid when you need it.

    We are available 24X7 for any kind of electrical emergency.

    Our team is dedicated to 100% customer service.

    We get quality electrician material so you stay safe and don’t run into trouble.

    Our customers are highly satisfied with the quality service we provide.

    We are trained electricians who are well-equipped and trained to provide any kind of electric services you need.